Joinery Business

Diagram of Joinery Business layout with 4 Alert Panels, 1 Standalone Receiver/Message Player and 2 Standalone Receiver Message Players including visual alert beacons spaced throughout the business

This joinery business employs a large range of woodworking machines and as a result of the company undertaking an OH&S risk assessment, they identified a number of risks:

  1. As the highest priority, they identified the need for the fastest possible response time in the event of any accident or injury that might occur within the factory.
  2. As a high priority they identified that due to the use of electrically powered machinery and their extensive use of timber, the work place potentially has a heightened fire risk and needed an evacuation alert system.


The AARC-EVAC standalone system was selected to address these needs for the following reasons:

  1. The system’s ability to easily and cost effectively provide Remotes that could be distributed throughout the factory.
  2. The system’s ability to broadcast unique S.O.S. messages for different zoned locations within the factory.
  3. The UPS battery back-up self-contained siren and message player Evac Controllers providing operation even with power out. (Machine overload, electrical motor stalling/jamming creates a fire risk and potentially the tripping of a circuit breaker, resulting in loss of mains power).


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