Licensed Club

Diagram of Licensed Club Layout with 7 Alert Panels and 5 Standalone Receiver/Message Player spaced throughout the venue

This licensed club venue caters for a broad range of activities, with gaming machine, restaurant, entertainment and function rooms. It attracts a large number of patrons on a daily basis and employs a large number of staff. It has a number of small PA systems servicing different areas within the venue.

There is no overall PA facility and some areas are not covered by a PA system at all. There is no automatic Evacuation system and no venue wide assistance call messaging facility. A range of risks were identified:

  1. They identified the need for a venue wide automated Evacuation Alert system that could be operated independently from the existing PA systems.
  2. As a licensed venue with 5 bars, gaming areas and a lobby/reception area, staff and patrons were likely to be at risk from time to time and although they employed security personnel they could not be everywhere all of the time. An S.O.S assistance call system or a radio paging system for security staff was identified as being needed.


The AARC-EVAC standalone Evac Controller system was selected to address these needs for the following key reasons:

  1. Multiple standalone Evac Controllers could be deployed throughout the venue to cover all areas to form one system.
  2. The system being independent of the PA systems and with the emergency alert sirens and messages all pre-recorded and fully automated. There is no requirement for staff to make announcements over different PA’s or to send radio pager messages to security staff asking for assistance.
  3. The system’s ability to easily and cost effectively provide remotes distributed strategically throughout the venue.
  4. The system’s ability to broadcast unique S.O.S. messages calling for security to report to the different zoned locations across the venue. E.g. “Security to Piano Bar… Security to Piano Bar please”.
  5. The cost effectiveness of the system, with all system components being wireless/radio linked and preconfigured, installation time and cost were minimal and there would be little to no disruption to the venue operation during installation.


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