School Campus

Diagram of school layout with 8 Alert Panels, 1 Receiver/Message Player for PA input, 1 Standalone Visual Beacon and one Standalone Receiver/Message Player including Visual Beacon spaced throughout the site

A School Campus had an existing PA system, however they did not have a Lockdown Alert system. A small committee was established to review the schools requirements and to make a recommendation to the school council.

When the committee investigated the current PA they found that, although it did have an Evacuation Alert, there was only 1 alert button and that was located next to the PA Amplifier. This raised a number of concerns:

  1. If the source of an incident requiring evacuation was located in the office area where the Evac Button and the PA system was located, the button may not be accessible.
  2. If an incident occurred anywhere within the school, someone would need to ring the school office to raise the alarm or physically go to the office to raise the alarm, both situations which would potentially create unacceptable delays.
  3. The community gymnasium located on the school grounds and extensively used for sports and PE during school hours was not connected to the school PA system and did not hear alerts.
  4. All of the above concerns also apply to any Lockdown alert system that might be deployed.


The AARC-EVAC Controller for PA input system in conjunction with a standalone Evac Controller were selected for recommendation to school council for the following key reasons, then later adopted and installed:

  1. Multiple EVAC remotes could be deployed throughout the school to cover all areas and significantly reduce response times.
  2. The AARC-EVAC system could be used for both Lockdown and Evacuation alerts, plus the added bonus of access to zoned assistance messages for use by staff if required. They could even dedicate a handheld remote to be carried by the staff member on yard duty.
  3. The ability of the system to include a standalone Evac Controller that could be installed into the community gymnasium.
  4. The system’s ability to be easily and cost effectively installed and deployed across the whole campus, due to it being all radio linked and not requiring wiring.
  5. In addition it was recommended that the gymnasium standalone Evac Controller also incorporate a visual alert beacon and that a standalone visual alert beacon be fitted the school’s office reception area, as these were the most likely areas to encounter persons with hearing impairments.


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