AARC EVAC 4 & 5 Button Keypad Remotes

4 Button Hand Held and 5 Button Wall Mount Keypad Remotes

Pictured left to right: 4 channel, hand held Keypad Remote and 5 channel, wall mount Keypad Remote.

AARC-EVAC™ Wireless Linked Emergency Alert Systems are designed to be activated by AARC-EVAC™ remotes.

AARC-EVAC™ Keypad Remotes use a 4 or 5 channel digital wireless link to remotely trigger “Evacuation”, “Alert”, (“Lock Down” – optional ) and up to 6 or 7 unique “SOS” assistance zone messages, plus a “Cancel” signal to the AARC-EVAC™ Controllers.

4 Channel Keypad Remotes have four buttons: “Alert”, “Evac”, “S.O.S” and “Cancel”.
5 Channel Keypad Remotes have five buttons: “Alert”, “Evac”, “S.O.S”, “Lock Down” and a hidden Cancel.

You can purchase both 4 and 5 channel AARC-EVAC™ Keypad Remotes in hand held or wall mount versions.


  • Portable or Easy installation – Wireless Linked Digital Radio system no wires or wiring
  • Secure operation with over 4 billion unique 32Bit digital codes
  • 3 sec button press required to trigger an alarm (to avoid accidental triggering)
  • Internal Antenna
  • Red LED lamp lights continuously while button pressed to visually confirm transmission
  • Low battery warning – Slow Flashing Red LED lamp, when any button pressed (Adding “Battery Replacement” to Annual Maintenance Schedule – Recommended)
  • Designed & Manufactured in Australia


Operating Range Up to 300 metres (Varies upon transmitter & receiver location)
Alarm Buttons 4: “Evacuation”, “Alert”, “SOS” & “Cancel” (4 Channel)

5: Alarm Buttons “Evacuation”, “Alert”, “Lock Down”, “SOS” & a hidden “Cancel” (5 Channel)

Power Supply 2 x AAA Alkaline Batteries* (life of 1 year with average use)
Size 90 x 60 x 20mm (Hand Held)

122 x 72 x 35mm with 112mm mounting centers (Wall Mount)

*Warning: Do not use Lithium type 1.5V cells, as this type of battery may damage the unit.