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AARC Systems designs, develops and deploys innovative solutions to simplify the setup and management of safety and security across a diverse range of applications.

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Emergency Alert Broadcast Systems

Low cost, easy to install, wireless-linked alert systems.

Designed and manufactured in Australia


A Low Cost Wireless Linked Emergency Call, Siren & Message Broadcast System

For Lockdown, Evacuation, Duress & First Aid Emergencies

Assisting Industry, Government, Education, Leisure, Medical & Community Venues and Workplaces

Green Tick More Secure

Green Tick Improved Safety

Green Tick Faster Incident Response

Green Tick Better Outcomes

A smart, simple to use, simple to install Emergency Siren & SOS Message Broadcast System


Provides “EVACUATION & ALERT” or improved access to “EVACUATION & ALERT” triggering

Improved medical incident response times

Provides additional security & Peace of Mind for ‘front of house’ reception staff

Rapid access to assistance when required

Provides “LOCK DOWN” messages to secure buildings against external threats

Improved First Aid response time to accidents & injuries

What is AARC-EVAC™?


AARC-EVAC is a wireless based evacuation, lockdown & multi-zoned SOS/duress message system. Digital radio wireless based Remotes are easily and cost effectively deployed across any site.

The simple press of a button causes the transmission of a digitally encoded radio signal assigned to that button. The system can employ a variety of wireless receiver based Evac Controllers so as to provide for maximum flexibility for each application. The Evac Controllers are standalone units that include a Receiver, MP3 based Audio Siren & Message Player, Audio Amplifier & Speakers. All Evac Controllers also have their own UPS Battery Backup System in case of mains power failure.

The range of products includes Visual Alert Beacon units to assist the hearing impaired and persons wearing hearing protection devices. Wireless Repeater Evac Controllers extend the radio range of a system when required.

AARC-EVAC is a total system. There are two product streams: one incorporating Lockdown and one without Lockdown. There is a full complement of products in each stream that all work together to provide the best possible Alert System for any situation. Installation costs are minimised, compared to hard-wired systems.

For organisations with financial constraints that already have an adequate P.A. system we can alternately offer a version of the Evac Controller that can feed into the existing P.A. system.

Note: an adequate UPS system is always recommended to power the P.A. system in case of mains failure.

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ATX43E35 Alert Panel/Transmitter


Triggers Australian Standard Evacuation Tones plus a customisable recorded message ordering an evacuation of the premises.


Triggers an Australian Standard Alert Tone as an awareness warning. The system can be programmed to automatically trigger Evacuation if not cancelled after a set time.


Triggers a covert recorded message signalling personnel to begin a lock down procedure in the event that an external threat is identified.


Single or Multiple Alert Panels can trigger a zoned message, customised to call for assistance to its particular zone. Up to 6 customisable message zones can be established within each system.

Hidden Cancel

A discrete button allows Evac, Alert, Lock Down or S.O.S calls to be cancelled. The button is hidden so that only staff trained in operating the AARC-EVAC system will be able to cancel Lockdown and S.O.S/Duress calls.

5 Channel Wall Mount Keypad Remote

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